About me

Hello, dear friends of vertical greening I am Nathalie

About me Nathalies Plant Wall

I am 37 years old and my passion is vertical gardens. I have been working intensively on this topic for years and have made plant walls my profession also in 2012. From production and planning to implementation, I make the world a little greener every day.

During my many years of work with plant walls, I found out that little is known about the planting and maintenance of vertical gardens. Everything I know I had to teach myself by trial and error. Now is the time to pass this knowledge on to you, my dear readers. What is all possible? How do I green properly? What kind of plants do I need? I will ask myself these and many other questions in this blog.

This is a platform to exchange ideas. Experiences, ideas and questions of all kinds about vertical gardens are very welcome.

I hope that with this blog I can ignite your passion for vertical green.

Let’s green the world!